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Live Review

There’s not a single moment that isn’t scaled up as Milk Teeth take to The Barfly

Posted: Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Milk Teeth have come a long way since the release of ‘Vile Child’. The band have played over seventy shows in 11 countries since the start of the year and they’ve all taken their toll. Tonight Milk Teeth, taking to London’s Barfly for their biggest headline show to date, are all systems go.

As the playful opening falls into the double-time ‘Brain Food’, Milk Teeth are in charge. Gone are the wide-eyed kids playing and hoping for the best, tonight the four-piece know they are.

‘Brickwork’ is as vicious as ever (quickly showing off how snug a fit Billy is in the squad), ‘Melon Blade’ is dreamy yet jagged and the drum build in ‘Moon Wanderer’ sees Oli push the whole band to the very edge of their limits. Constant touring has seen Milkies discover a previously untapped hugeness. Tonight, there’s not a single moment that isn’t scaled up. And it suits them just fine. ‘Swear Jar’ sounds far bigger than the confides of the room and while the band could easily sit back and bask in the mass participation, Milk Teeth are eager to take part.

There’s a flag draped over Billy’s amp carrying the confession that one fan has travelled all the way from Italy for the show (and their mom doesn’t know) and while the rest of the crowd had a slightly less daunting journey getting here, they’re no less enthralled.

“I encourage you to talk to each other,” starts Becky ahead of ‘Kabuki’, “the most personal song I’ve ever written.” And while one bloke dismisses the positive message, the band are quick to point out how stupid he, and his ideas, look. Oli, Chris, Billy and Becky have the backs of each other, and of everyone in the room. It’s swiftly made apparent that the protection and respect is mutual. “If you want to be a prick, leave.”

Taking the vitriol and making it shine, ‘No Fun’ is anything but. Moments later, as the dying roars of ‘Vitamins’ ring out, Oli jumps off the stage and crowdsurfs to the bar safe in the knowledge that tonight, Milk Teeth have raised theirs.