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Live Review

Tacocat get technicolour at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus

Posted: Friday, May 6th, 2016

Just down the road from the Electric Circus lies the entrance to the Edinburgh Dungeons, where dark histories live and, frankly, a lot of murder and creepy things seem to have happened. But that’s not enough to dampen the spirits of Tacocat, a technicolour, Hawaiian burst with lights in their hair and spaceships at their backs, who dance and natter their way through a show that sets the humble venue alight.

From proclamations over periods and their mansplainer-diss anthem ‘Men Explain Things To Me’, Tacocat wrap the female experience in infectious guitar pop, with a show that’s equally likely to lure you in. Emily Noaks’ vocals soar effortlessly, dancing tambourine in hand as the band roll through soaring summer jams ‘Bridge To Hawaii’ and ‘Spring Break Up’, and call out street harassment on the grittier ‘Hey Girl’.

Nasty internet trolls who comment on women – basement dwellers as they’re also referred to – get their time in the spotlight, as does Dana Scully of the X-Files (which should happen more at shows). Tacocat soar, they riot, they flip from their easy-going beachy vibes to confrontation striking through their lyrics, they do it all with a smile on their face and a certain joy in their performance.

The city’s history may surround a lot of death, but Tacocat’s first venture to the cobbled city was the latest in a long line of testaments that guitar pop isn’t following a similar fate no matter how many times people decry it. Not only is it very much alive, but Tacocat make it magnificent, bold and bright, and their shows are a fine remedy to a gloomy mid-week evening.