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If this is it, then Superheaven get the send off they deserve

Posted: Friday, August 26th, 2016

Goodbyes are tough, even if they’re not 100% definitely forever. Superheaven said the infamous words “indefinite hiatus” earlier this year, which now lingers on the horizon of their current tour schedule, and in the sticky heat of the Pit tent, they had an emphatic leaving do.

After quizzing the audience on how much they paid to get in, Superheaven do their damnedest to give the packed and overheated tentfull their money’s worth. ‘Youngest Daughter’ and ‘Leach’ are but two steps on their mission, songs split by them chatting randomly throughout.

We won’t say goodbye, we’ll say until next time, but if – if – this is it, then it’s a grand send off to hold onto.