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Live Review

Reading Festival 2016 might be Biffy Clyro’s finest moment yet

Posted: Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

This isn’t Biffy Clyro’s first time at the rodeo, but it sure as hell is their finest. It’s been a few years since they made that first leap to headliner status, but this year the nerves are long gone, and they’ve got their target set for Reading: the show of their lives.

“I don’t know why you’d go see anyone else,” jokes Simon Neil, but he’s right. This is the set of the festival before they’ve really got going, a flawless setlist of old and new supported by a lightshow worthy of hosting the last seconds of the weekend. Biffy have always been good live, but in the last three years they’ve clicked those last few pieces into place and now it becomes a masterclass.

‘57’ is sheer quality, ‘Many of Horror’ gets arms slung around strangers in pure delight, and the new additions like ‘Howl’ are absolutely built for this setting; they’re even throwing Guns N’ Roses licks in there at random for the crack.

This isn’t a band focussed on doing a good job anymore – this is a band who know what they’re capable of and are running full speed with it. They’re assured anarchy. This is the weekend where the trio make it unequivocally clear: Biffy Clyro are one of the greats, and they are going absolutely nowhere other than up.