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Live Review

Puppy get Download Festival off to a really great start

Posted: Friday, June 10th, 2016

It takes a special kind of band to be able to throw 90s alt rock, stoner grooves and riffs, and the melodic sensibilities and bounce of Blue-era Weezer into a cocktail fronted with a piercing falsetto and a have it do anything but make a terrible mess. Taking to the Maverick stage, Puppy immediately prove that this unholy mix can not only work, but sound absolutely vital.

They’re perhaps unaccustomed to having so much space to work with, but when the songs and the surprisingly brutal metal flourishes are this good, it’s hard to begrudge them a slot on such a large stage. The confidence will come with time but for now this is a great new band doing it well, meaning it, and clearly having an equally great time doing so.