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Live Review

Who needs surprises when Thrice are this good?

Posted: Friday, August 26th, 2016

Thrice are the kind of band who are always there, but not really. Technically, they’re not physically here all that often, but you know that when they do decide to grace the UK’s shores what you’re going to get. And that is one hell of a show. So what follows when they step on stage at Reading is little surprise, but no less enjoyable.

Through ‘Silhouette’ and ‘All the World is Mad’, Thrice are an untouchable powerhouse. They lean on new album ‘To Be Everywhere is to Be Nowhere’ for much of their set but still attract throat-shredding vocals sang back at him from the tent from even the newest additions to the set.

“It’s gonna be this time I’ll get it right,” sings Dustin Kensrue, handing over to the crowd for another belting singalong for ‘Black Honey’. Sadly, it’s not the entire set of Game of Thrones doing an interpretive dance as they promised Upset not too long ago, but in every other sense, what Thrice is doing is most definitely right.