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Live Review

Lonely The Brave bid farewell to their debut in Southampton

Posted: Thursday, November 26th, 2015

“Do you guys want us to play you a new song?” tease Lonely The Brave. It’s been a long time in the making for the Cambridge rockers: having sat on their debut record for two years before it was released 14 months ago, the past year has seen ‘The Day’s War’ get more and more popular as the months roll on. Now it’s time to raise one last pint to it before the release of next year’s follow-up.

With the crowd crammed together and the smell of booze fresh in the air, tonight’s cozy pub surroundings make Black Peaks warm-up set even more special. ‘Saviour’ seems heightened with frontman Will Gardner’s shrill screams echoing off the walls, while ‘Glass Built Castles’ offers a sense of frantic urgency that sets the temperature for what’s to come.

By the time it’s the headliners’ turn, Gardner has successfully dished out a hearty dose of whiplash. He’s unapologetic. “Hi by the bar, everyone alright over there?” Lonely The Brave start, as the room becomes even busier. Not that it seems physically possible. People are packed in every nook and cranny. It’s a setting that suits the five-piece. Not that Lonely The Brave aren’t capable of bigger landscapes. They very much are.

‘Backroads’’ riffs linger in a way that will leave you humming them for days, ‘Trick of The Light’ is the perfect anthem to belt out to the stranger next to you and ‘Kings Of The Mountain’ is goosebumps-equipped. As glasses rise in the air, adamant for an encore, the appreciation for ‘The Day’s War’ is one that rings true.