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Greywind deliver a life of colour at Reading Festival

Posted: Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Tents are magic, by the way. It’s a little known fact, but you go in to escape the British downpour and find yourself in one of these things, shielding from the elements, and you leave a fan of a band you probably stumbled on by accident. Or fate. Let’s call it fate.

Greywind and transfixing. They’re tempered, they’re not a band to exhaust you over the course of a set, but they are going to surprise and impress you. Through their set, ‘Safe Haven’ to epic closer ‘Forest Ablaze’, there’s a proper power lurking in their music; Steph O’Sullivan’s exceptional voice backed by the atmospheric, at times haunting and theatrical rock just soars over the tent. You kind of want it to soundtrack your own life in a movie walking to something spectacular in slow motion.

The Lock Up may have began life as a shelter this afternoon, but it became where a hell of a lot of people discovered an exceptional new band.