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Live Review

It’s all about fun for Waterparks at Reading Festival

Posted: Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Waterparks are fun. That’s about all you need to know. Whether it’s Awsten Knight’s out of control babbling between songs, or it’s just the vibe of the tent, it’s good times that are on the table.

They launch from ‘Mad All The Time’ to the rallying call of ‘Crave’, straight into ‘Pink’ and its rock swagger. Half are there for the band, the other half to stay clear of the rain, but no matter what side of the coin the crowd came from, Waterparks are reeling them in, one odd joke and cracking song at a time. The party grows by the minute.

Throwing the spotlight firmly on their bass-stand-in, Mikey Way, there’s more rambling about seeing his butt after the set that goes on for quite a long time. Because why not? “We’re Waterparks and we’re making promises we can’t keep,” finishes Awsten, before they dive headfirst into ‘I’m A Natural Blue’. Well, they promised a good show too, so their promises aren’t all unkept.