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Live Review

Fightstar and Arcane Roots play the Garage in Aberdeen

Posted: Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

A sense of finality looms over the damp, cobbled streets that surround the Garage in Aberdeen as Fightstar prepare to complete their biggest UK tour in recent years, proving very much so that the band is alive and well – and positively thriving.

To paint a visual of Arcane Roots live, Jack Wrench drums with the intensity of a hurricane. The sheer ferocity of his movements leads to the illusion that his band mates are struggling to stay upright as they battle against the whirlwind that sits centre stage, threatening to engulf the whole venue. New material from 2015’s ‘Heaven & Earth’ really comes to life in the live setting, pulsating through the crowd. They bring their audience to tipping point and then take their leave, truly having warmed up the crowd for Fightstar to conquer.

A broad mix of material from their albums makes up the setlist, including fan favourites such as ‘Paint Your Target’ and ‘Deathcar’ flowing perfectly alongside material from 2015’s ‘Behind The Devil’s Back’. Fightstar have always combined elements of harmonious beauty alongside their more aggressive moments, and looking around the room, you can see why it works so well.

The audience is made up of so many people from such different walks of life, Fightstar have held on to the audiences they grabbed 10 years ago and still managed to set fire to the hearts of a whole new generation. Some people only sing the melodies while others career around the room in an unrestrained act of catharsis that can only be found at such shows.

Frontman Charlie Simpson seems barely able to contain himself as he hands the reigns of his guitar over to younger brother Will, to allow him the freedom to roam around the stage and give his songs the performances they deserve. The damp streets did nothing to cool the inside of the Garage which is now slick fresh sweat. The show may be over, but this band are (hopefully) far from it.