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Live Review

Fatherson opening up Reading Festival was a pleasure

Posted: Saturday, August 27th, 2016

It’s the hangover after the first night of the festival before, but Fatherson are as assured a band as you’ll see on a grumbling Saturday morning. Neither downpour nor fuzzy heads stopped people turning up in their droves to see the moody Scottish rockers brighten things up.

They split their time between ‘I Am An Island’ and newbie album ‘Open Book’, through ‘Hometown’, ‘Forest’ and ‘Just Past the Point of Breaking’ with total confidence. Fatherson soar; they equally ease you into a day of festival-going in their softer moments, while far surpassing a lunchtime slot at their most powerful. It’s really just an exceptional half an hour to be a fan of music.

“Guys, this is so cool,” whispers Ross Leighton into the mic before beaming, “Thank you for coming out so early and hanging with some Scottish guys.” No bother, Ross. The pleasure’s all ours.