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Live Review

Fall Out Boy are in ‘Bloom’ headlining Reading Festival

Posted: Monday, August 29th, 2016

Flames and fireworks galore, Fall Out Boy waste no time in stamping their dominance as they co-headline the final day of Reading Festival. Nothing is done in halves.

Minutes in, ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ is whipped out to really set things off, ‘This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’ has fists flying in the air and throats being tested, while ‘Dance, Dance’ unsurprisingly gets people moving. Even newer radio-bangers ‘Uma Thurman’ slot in with almost shocking ease. Patrick Stump remains an expert conductor of the masses even on the grandest of occasions – he tells you to sing until your lungs give out, thousands upon thousands will without missing a beat.

Pete Wentz talks about following dreams, letting kids follow theirs, and how that this is a moment in which the band get to live their own. It’s an iconic show for bands, and Fall Out Boy triumph while living this particular dream, they thrill and have good fun amidst the occasion of it all.

There’s putting on a good show on main stage, and then there’s headlining. Fall Out Boy were born headliners, with a few added fireworks for good measure.