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Live Review

It’s a very different Frank Carter show, but it’s no less in your face

Posted: Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Suited and booted, this is a very different Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes show. It’s still absolute chaos, uninhibited catharsis and a total joy from front to back but instead of leading the charge from the trenches, Frank Carter sticks to the stage for a bulk of set. That doesn’t mean he’s not in the face of every single person present though. Embracing his role as master of ridiculous ceremonies, he encourages the reactions rather than forcing them. Because of this, every person in the tent (and there’s bloody loads of them) feels part of it.

It also allows the strength of the songs to shine through. From the arms-aloft sneer of ‘Trouble’, through the pointed finger ‘Paradise’ to the everything-on-red spin of ‘The Devil Inside Of Me’ every song feels like a hit because every song is a hit. And Frank makes sure they all land. “Quit fucking around, we’re here to party” he demands while trying to instigate a circle pit around the outside of the tent but it’s an attitude that breathes fire into the whole thing.

The plug gets pulled after he asks for a wall of death during ‘Juggernaut’ but the crowd simply refuses. One apology later, “Nothing is more important than you guys hearing some more of our songs so here’s something I’ve never done…I’m really fucking sorry,” and the band are allowed to continue. Striding out into the middle of the tent for a gut-wrenching ‘Loss’, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes show a depth, sincerity and an honesty that sets them apart.

Sure it’s different, but that’s what Frank Carter does best.