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Live Review

Against The Current are loud, proud and spectacular despite the odds

Posted: Saturday, June 11th, 2016

The odds are very much stacked against Against The Current today. The band found out they were filling in for Architects thirty-six hours ago, all their gear is back home in America and they haven’t played a show in two and a half months. There’s been no practice run for the “least rock band on this festival”. There’s every chance that this could (and it probably should) go very wrong, very quickly. Cutting Deftones’ ‘Change (In The House In Flies)’ halfway through so the band can take the stage is salt in the wound, a bunch more feathers on the camel’s back.

All this means though is that when Against The Current push back, they push back hard. And from the opening push of ‘Paralyzed’, Against The Current are loud, proud and spectacular.

There’s no pandering. No forced moments to make them seem more metal. This is all singing, all dancing glittering music with plenty of shine. And it’s delivered with conviction. Blitzing through an electric ‘Running With The Wild Things’, getting dreamy to the dark expanse of ‘Wasteland’ and popping off the walls to the reflective ‘Forget Me Now’, Against The Current show off all their sides.

“This festival is pretty intimidating,” admits Chrissy but if there are nerves, they don’t show. Against The Current know what they’re doing and they’re brilliant doing it. “Make some noise if you have no idea who the fuck we are?” asks Chrissy. The answer is loud. The cheers from the audience at the end of their set is louder, still.

The band are proud outsiders, they’ve never really fit in and while today could have been a disaster, it’s anything but. It takes a very special group to not only agree to facing the odds, but thrive under them. This is Against The Current though. Take them or leave them, they’re not changing for anything.