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Live Review

Against The Current are at their very best at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Posted: Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

Against The Current have been an ever-present force in 2016. Yet somehow tonight, at the band’s biggest ever headline show (“Of course it’s in London”), they manage to take things to another exciting level. Bored yet? As if.

From the radio static introduction, Dan, Chrissy and Will quickly dial into the room and as the pounding escape of ‘Runaway’ takes over, everything becomes clear.

Through the upside down brood of ‘Wasteland’, the sparkle motion of ‘Young & Relentless’ and the stripped back serenity of ‘Infinity’ and ‘In Our Bones’ (performed via Westlife stools) until the final jump off into the horizon with the confetti doused ‘Gravity’, the band are constantly moving but always banging. Call to arms, carnival procession or quiet reflection, Against The Current do it all and do it well.

Flipping from the utterly untouchable to the painfully human, the band straddle superstardom with being your mate. “Apparently stress sweat is the worst smelling kind of sweat,” shrugs Chrissy. “I’m living proof of that,” she grins. The band have always known what they are but, after a summer of Warped and a debut album behind them, they’re now at home with every side of their ever-tumbling die. Tonight, everything is welcomed.

Commanding instead of caught up in the gleaming chaos, Dan, Chrissy and Will have their own swagger about the stage throughout. It’s an effortless performance from the get go. But they never stop pushing for more. There’s a tentative offering of the microphone to the crowd during ‘Chasing Ghosts’ and Chrissy half-whispers “I’m sorry I wasn’t better for you,” after cutting ‘Brighter’ to preserve her voice. Not that you’d know. Infact, you’d be hard pushed to find a band who give more.

Sure, tonight is the band’s biggest ever headline show and they treat it accordingly, there’s a sense of occasion and importance hanging in the air, but there’s the unspoken promise of ‘yet’ loitering just out of sight. This is Against The Current at their best but only so far. The Outsiders have well and truly taken over and tonight, they give it their all. Heart, soul and personality, the band don’t hold anything back. Turns out they’re not done with you just yet.