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Live Review

Fists in the air and inhibitions at the door, CHVRCHES throw a hometown party

Posted: Monday, April 4th, 2016

Aside from the many references you’ll hear about Glasgow’s Hydro being compared to a spaceship in appearance, it’s a venue that now stands as a symbol for mighty hometown successes. If a Scottish band grows to headline the venue, it means you’ve done something out of this world.

CHVRCHES put on a show that pays testament to that occasion. Shura eases the crowd in with her breezy synth tunes, where local lads The Twilight Sad pick up with a commanding burst that puts their miserable Scottish rock on the best possible podium.

Quite an act to follow, but follow the trio do with a triumphant set that pushes the Hydro’s LED capabilities to the max. The big stage feels like home, with Iain Cook and Martin Doherty making the most of their cubed podiums as Lauren Mayberry leaps, skips and birls (this is Scottish for spin/whirl btw – Ed) her way around with abandon, her voice piercing through to the rafters in magnificent fashion.

New album ‘Every Open Eye’ makes waves across the thousands, but it’s the likes of ‘We Sink’ and ‘Recover’ from their debut that really see the night hit its finest heights. When Martin takes the fore for ‘Under the Tide’, demanding the attention of the last few on the outskirts, the whole room comes to life without tapping a brake from here on in.

During brief moments of pause, breath isn’t caught as they launch into the rambling stories and jokes that have peppered their live shows for years. Even on the grandest occasion, it’s the perfect time to ask: Why IS Remy still in House of Cards?

When it comes to live shows, CHVRCHES are defiant in how they grow with the venues they inhabit, but still chat as if they’re amongst a select group of friends. With fists in the air and inhibitions left at the door, it’s a party, pure and simple.