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Live Review

Bring Me The Horizon and PVRIS put on a show at London’s Alexandra Palace

Posted: Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Bring Me The Horizon have built a career of taking risks. From their determined beginnings to the infused chaos of ‘That’s The Spirit’, there’s been a looming sense that every step might be one too far. Tonight at London’s Alexandra Palace, they step up once more. Backed by production that screams business (and makes Metallica’s look DIY) there’s not a moment during their set that fails to light up the cavernous room.

The sheer size of Ally Pally is usually bad news for support acts and headliners alike, but PVRIS look born to play spaces this grand. From the opening twinkle of ‘White Noise’, they appear accomplished, confident and like they’re having fun. “I think this is only our second time playing London,” Lynn mentions half way through their set. It’s a casual reminder of just how fast things are moving for the band, yet they refuse to be outflanked by the ever-growing success of their debut. Be it the party-starting bounce of ‘St. Patrick’, the crackling of chemistry between the band or the gritted teeth purge of ‘My House’, PVRIS are a marvel.

From the murmuring introduction of ‘Doomed’ through the extended, streamer laden cheer of ‘Happy Song’ until the gargantuan conclusion of ‘Drown’, Bring Me The Horizon dominate Alexandra Palace. The set is short, thirteen songs, but sweet with every track feeling vibrant and offering something new to the evening. It would be all too easy for Bring Me to lose themselves in pomp and polish but that abrasive, defiant charm is ever present. Guitarist Lee Malia stands centre stage for the duration and the band proudly splash “The C-Word” across giant video walls. They look amazing, but sound even better. With songs destined for venues this size, tonight ‘That’s The Spirit’ comes home. Bring Me The Horizon stopped following the rules years ago and for that, they’ll always attract naysayers – but with nights like this, who’s even listening?