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Live Review

Black Foxxes are something special

Posted: Sunday, June 12th, 2016

“We’ve got an album coming out later this year. You can pre-order it. And make us all rich.”

Optimistic words in the age of streaming but despite his obvious factiousness, Black Foxxes’ frontman Mark Holley has good reason to believe the assembled throng in the Dogtooth stage this afternoon will, at the very least, consider the former. No guarantees on the latter, of course, but there’s already a richness to Black Foxxes’ connection to their audience.

There’s plenty of feedback drenching the stage but rather than being the main attraction, it’s merely a layer of the sonic texture that makes up Black Foxxes’ sound. Tender one moment, ferocious the next, their aggressive indie-rock onslaught is captivating to witness in person. But it nearly didn’t happen.

At times, Holley steers clear of his microphone as if it’s been electrocuting him but instead of feeling incomplete, it only serves to add to the sense of anguish and atmosphere being created. We’re truly witnessing the start of something special, a spectacular set by (yet another) exciting young British band.