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Live Review

Architects pop off the walls at their album launch show

Posted: Sunday, May 29th, 2016

“You have a voice,” explains Sam Carter as the launch show for ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ comes to a close. “Your voice is extremely powerful” he promises and throughout tonight’s show, it’s a message that’s never far from the beating heart of Architects set.

Their new album has been out for a matter of hours but already, the new songs are as at home as the band. Building on the platform ‘Lost Forever//Lost Together’ gave them, tonight sees Architects pop off the confides of the Concorde 2.

Opening with ‘Nihilist’, the band aren’t easing anyone into their world. Confrontational, snarling and to the point, Architects haven’t watered down their fire despite their elevated standings. Raging against the state of the world and trying to find hope in the darkness, the band are heavier than ever.

But there’s a lot more to ‘em than anger. Finding unity in the struggle and enabling a sense of community, there’s a brightness to Architects. It’s always been there but this evening, it’s pushed front and centre.

Between the venue-wide choir, the handclaps and the united front, tonight allows everyone to play catchup. ‘Gone With The Wind’ is an all-out anthem. So is ‘A Match Made In Heaven’. And ‘Downfall’. Backed by the likes of ‘Colony Collapse’, ‘Dead Man Talking’, and ‘Naysayer’ (complete with a crowd-surfing member of Royal Blood), the band have the arsenal to hit hard. And they don’t hold back.

Unafraid to stand in the spotlight or retreat to the shadows, the band drive the evening forward but it’s never overbearing. As Sam dances to his own band’s chant, it’s clear that this is still new to them. “What would be awesome is, if you saw any of us walking about Brighton…” he smirks. Later on, during a brief pause in ‘Broken Cross’, he exchanges grins with Tom Searle before launching off once more. There are no growing pains here.

“It fills me with immense pride that anyone here could turn around and have a conversation with a complete stranger,” Sam continues, close to tears. “There’s not enough love in the world,” he adds but tonight, this room is full of it.