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Live Review

Allison Weiss reaches another level at King Tut’s

Posted: Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Did you ever have that night out in university that ended with a group of people huddled around an acoustic guitar? After a couple of questionable ‘Wonderwall’ covers someone new takes the reins and you quickly discover that, that person can bloody well sing but they’re totally nonchalant about the whole thing because they’re so charming and laidback. That wonder-fuelled reveal is how tonight’s slot from Jenny Owen Youngs feels.

The crowd gathered in the legendary King Tuts in Glasgow are pleased to welcome Jenny back to the UK for the first time in six years, and she’s equally pleased to be here. Her short half hour on stage feels like meeting someone completely enchanting for the first time. There’s almost something superhuman about her, before she pops that mystical bubble and enthuses about how much she loves the X Files.

Her new track ‘Next Time Around’ is X Files inspired, following the idea that two people could continuously meet each other in different lifetimes – call it fate, destiny, whatever. “Maybe we’ll get even closer the next time around” she sings wistfully. It’s a track that tugs at the heartstrings before she goes on to play the frankly heartbreaking ‘F*ck Was I’ where she tears herself down over the way that she falls in love and follows her feelings, despite knowing that it wouldn’t work out. Give yourself a break Jenny, you are an utter joy – and not just because of your initials.

The sadness felt by the wonderful Jenny leaving the stage is quickly forgotten however, as electricity crackles and Allison Weiss and her band take to the stage. If you’re familiar with Allison Weiss, seeing her perform as part of a band is, put simply, explosive. With the release of ‘New Love’ has come a new era of Allison Weiss. Produced with Forrest Kline of Hellogoodbye and Brad Hale of Now Now, you can feel the pop elements seeping into her music perfectly alongside her folk-rock leanings..

Previous experiences with Allison Weiss shows have been a delight but in a much different way. An almost timid young woman singing about heartbreak was powerful enough to garner a fan base, but now she’s on another level. The songs are punchier. Happiness and hope flow throughout the record and that translates to an incendiary performance on stage. She seems more confident, glowing with passion and pride. She puts her guitar down for the grand finale of ‘Back To Me’ and the crowd and Allison dance together, free of the heaviness that our hearts formerly held. Fun and lust for life have been renewed – and thank goodness we’ve all matured now, otherwise we’d be waking up with that hell of a hangover that is also synonymous with those aforementioned uni nights out.