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Mayday Parade cut future classics with hearty nostalgia at Portsmouth Pyramids

Posted: Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

“When we first started this band we were a bunch of goofy looking nineteen year olds,” announces Mayday Parade’s Derek Sanders, before drifting into one of the first songs the group ever wrote, ‘Three Cheers For Five Years’. The Floridian four-piece have been together for a decade. Now back on UK soil, their return not only offers the chance to promote their latest album ‘Black Lines’, but is also an opportunity to stir up emotion for tonight’s crowd with a hearty serving of nostalgia.

Missouri’s Beautiful Bodies kick off proceedings and vocalist Alicia Solombrino’s wastes no time in delivering a fiery punch. She’s fast, frantic and flees across the stage, equipped with a middle finger-up attitude. The outburst is large stride away from the calmer, more serene, atmosphere Have Mercy convey shortly after. In between jokes about the Super Bowl, the band offer The Dangerous Summer-esque ballads with ‘The Place You Love’ and ‘When I Sleep’.

By the time The Maine step on stage, tonight’s performances are spinning back towards their pop-punk roots. Taken from their latest release, ‘American Candy’, ‘English Girls’ is as bubbly and lighthearted as the name suggests, with vocalist John O’Callaghan flirting with the audience. Whilst ‘Am I Pretty?’ offers breezy riffs that see more than a few beers shoot in the air.

Launching into ‘One Of Them Will Destroy The Other’. Mayday Parade’s new, riff-heavy anthem is a chance for Sanders to trade in the sugarcoated harmonies for shrill screams. Not for long, though, as half way through it’s time to give the crowd the chance to revel in the band’s ten-year history. ‘Oh Well, Oh Well’ and ‘Terrible Things’ see groups huddled together, swaying in time to the heart-wrenching songs that were more than likely the soundtrack to hundreds of teenage break-ups. Tissue, anyone? Picking spirits up with their classic, ‘Black Cat’, if tonight’s proven anything it’s that Mayday Parade’s flexibility towards genres has sealed their longevity.