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Live Review

Turnover craft an immersive, emotive experience at The Joiners

Posted: Friday, January 22nd, 2016

On a bitterly cold January evening on the south coast, it’s not just temperatures that plunge to woeful lows. It’s spirits too. Nevertheless, the lush and serene pastures discovered by Turnover on their near-perfect second album ‘Peripheral Vision‘ promise climates that will warm hearts right back up again, regardless of the pneumonia-inducing winds that howl on the other side of The Joiners’ shabby walls.

Sounding about as far from their native Norwich as you can get, Claws bring some Californian-esque surfer rock sunshine to those who endured freezing temperatures. The juvenile “na-na-na” of ‘Too Much Time’ have them nailing a great balance between Best Coast, The Cribs and The Ramones; scrappy, carefree, and delightful.

On record, Teen Brains’ psychedelic post-punk is a moody affair of twanging guitars and dripping reverb that is indulgently retrospective and yet still youthful. Tonight, their tones hang almost awkwardly in the stale air, as the London quartet struggle to captivate the shoegaze-loving kids that stand before them.

Having brushed across a number of genres in their time as a band, Turnover seems content in what they deliver tonight. With the exception of two promising new songs, their setlist draws entirely from Peripheral Vision and, as a result, the spiralling swathes of cool, delicate and melancholic emo are in no short measure. With their former pop-punk sound clearly a thing of the past, the almost meditative jams of ‘I Would Hate You If I Could’ and ‘Diazepam’ are heart-wrenching enough to unify fans both new and old in resonant moments of euphoria.

The likes of ‘New Scream’ and ‘Take My Head’ are delivered with more punk rock urgency (and are met so accordingly with stagedives a-plenty) before a finale of ‘Cutting My Fingers Off’ sees the room abuzz with energy on both sides, but it’s the moments of wistful melody that makes this an immersive and emotive experience.