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The Darkness play (not so) ‘secret’ set Download Festival 2015

Posted: Sunday, June 14th, 2015

There’s a time and a place for The Darkness‘ flamboyance, and mid afternoon at a festival, surrounded by strangers screaming about believing in love, is almost certainly it. Taking to The Maverick Stage the band are in fine, ludicrous form as they thread new with nostalgia under pointed enthusiasm.

Justin Hawkins hasn’t mellowed with age and neither have his fashion choices. Growing into his position as the English dandy of rock, his twirling pantomime performance is charming, colourful and silly.

As the band frolic about the stage, dancing through their jukebox back catalogue, the crowd wear out the remaining scraps of voice. It may be the worst kept secret of the weekend with swathes of people unable to get near the tent, but The Darkness still have it in them to bring the best of fun live.