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Reading Festival: It’s like Alexisonfire have never been away

Posted: Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Festivals are full of reunions yet Alexisonfire, having only been away for a handful of years, feels more nostalgic than most. With their split still a relatively fresh wound, their set on the main stage is marked by a crowd desperate for one last chance.
And Alexisonfire deliver. Tightly wound and impeccably delivered, the band are eager to bask in their reunited front. “For those of you who know who we are, push everyone out the way, get to the front and sing this one with us!” stresses George Pettit, though the the gritted pomp of ‘The Northern‘ sees a choir raised, barrier to back.

The pain and surprise of today’s set quickly moves into something joyful. By the end of their set, it’s like Alexisonfire never went away.