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PVRIS finally catch up with their dizzying ascent

Posted: Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Let’s not beat around the bush, PVRIS are destined for much bigger things than todays set on The Pit suggests.

With a solid years touring under their belt, PVRIS have honed that chemical connection that thrashes about below their music. Twisting it about their live show, the band look more at ease then ever. The stolen glances and nervous smiles that once littered their set have been replaced by three musicians who’ve finally caught up to the pace of their ascent.

PVRIS aren’t the starry eyed kids they once were. They’ve quickly realised, through hard work and sudden exposure, that there comes a point where you can’t wait for things to happen. The music is as demanding as Lynn‘s asks and the audience, spilling out from the tent, responds en masse. There’s moments of calm, beauty and fiery rage but it’s all blissfully superb.