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Mallory Knox want Download Festival 2015 to smile

Posted: Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Throwing themselves into their first appearance on the Download Main Stage, Mallory Knox act like they’ve got something to prove.

Having grown into a forceful live presence, the Cambridge fivesome are constantly on the move. Whether jumping about the stage or flipping between the soar of ‘Lighthouse’ and the gloom of ‘Ghost In The Mirror’, Mallory Knox hook the crowd at every turn. Mikey Chapman, leading the charge upwards, is a joy to behold. Spinning about the space before slipping into flawless vocals, he is a commanding frontman. “Let’s make this a day to remember,” he suggests before ‘Getaway”s inspired crowd echo.

Carefree fist-pumping makes way for the inspirational anarchy of ‘Bury Your Head’ before the demand of “Chase your dreams and make them a reality,” leads into ‘Shout At The Moon’. “Smile Download,” Mikey offers. How can we refuse?