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Limp Bizkit party like it’s 1999 at Reading Festival

Posted: Friday, August 28th, 2015

“Alright partners,” says Fred Durst, arms outstretched. “Tonight, we’re going to party like it’s 1999.”

Limp Bizkit then fall into ‘Rollin’’ and the NME tent swells.

Though their hour long set relies heavily on a sense of nostalgia, it’s one that the band embraces. This comfort in sound that the band have recently rediscovered gives the pantomime delivery a surprising depth of passion. The hits are reenergised and back to back covers of Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’ and George Michaels’ ‘Faith’ are as jarring as they are brilliant. The hat might have changed colour but the sheer frustration behind Limp Bizkit’s music remains unrivaled.