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God Damn let Download Festival 2015 burn

Posted: Friday, June 12th, 2015

“This is fucking beautiful, you’re fucking beautiful,” shouts Thom Edwards before God Damn drop into their set. Air raid sirens, howling screams and an airborne drum stick, the Wolverhampton duo aren’t making their Donnington debut a subtle one, but this is Download Festival.

The much rumoured weather has put in an appearance – a sunnier performance than normal – and half the crowd are proudly wearing Slipknot tees, masks and boiler suits ahead of their return this evening. That crowd is currently spilling out of Jake’s stage as the two piece take the chemical spark that zips through debut album ‘Vultures’ and toss it into a pile of sun-bleached notes of garage rock. Building tension before crashing down in a swirl of thrash and refrain, God damn are on fire.