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Gnarwolves triumph at Download Festival 2015

Posted: Friday, June 12th, 2015

If last year’s triumph on the Reading main stage belonged to everyone present, today’s victorious bounce is wholly Gnarwolves‘. Commanding the space with a smile and a laugh, the Brighton three-piece are beginning to look at ease with an ocean of people before then. Thom Weeks is playing it cool though, “honestly, honestly, honestly, this is so cool,” he beams. Starting small, Gnarwolves are presented with isolated outbreaks of physical activity, but by the roaring crunch of ‘Melody Has Big Plans’, there’s chaos throughout. The rag tag band has never sounded more together as the scratched frustration of ‘Smoking Kills’ unites in vocal harmony. Today is a clenched fist reminder of Gnarwolves’ brilliance.

“You should stay here and watch Defeater,” suggests Charlie Piper after Thom’s attempt at Slipknot karaoke fail to take off, once again proving the band’s good taste.