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Funeral For A Friend get moist at Download Festival 2015

Posted: Saturday, June 13th, 2015

Today marks the ten-year anniversary of ‘Hours’, Funeral For A Friend‘s second album, but that doesn’t mean the south-Wales mob are looking back.

“Let’s continue to get a little more moist,” offers vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye. Yes it’s still raining, let’s say no more about it. Playing the same slot as they did in 2003, the band claim they’ve come full circle, but that doesn’t do their journey justice. With a back catalogue threaded through the past fourteen years to delve into, Funeral For A Friend have retained a powerful relevance. From the forward thinking ‘1%’ to the uniting hammer of ‘Roses For The Dead’, today is about the present.

The band sound incredible and, with something to say, their set is a friendly nudge that they remain a band to be reckoned with. Their no frills, all thrills approach is underlined with sincere passion. “Somebody’s got to have faith,” Matthew says before the pit ending ‘The End of Nothing’, but Funeral For A Friend’s has never wavered.