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Fightstar want to know if you’ve had your tea at Download Festival 2015

Posted: Friday, June 12th, 2015

The Maverick Stage hasn’t had time to recover before Fightstar strut out and pull the crowd under their spell. Assured and jagged, there’s a crackle about the stage as the four piece rattle through a set of their greatest hits.

The band are pristine yet off-kilter as melody and snarls circle one another in fraught glory. Charlie Simpson is polite (asking the crowd “How are the dog tags working out for you? Any issues? Got enough to eat?”), yet commanding. His enthusiasm is knows no ends, with his reward is a crowd in full lungs.

Tonight is their first headline slot at the festival, but it just feels right. Fightstar aren’t just a band reuniting, they’re a family. A message firmly underlined as Charlie’s brother, William, joins them for two songs. With the band launching the crowd over cliff, via lush crunches, there’s an exhilarating danger that marks tonight, and Fightstar’s return, as a defiant win.