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FIDLAR smash the Reading main stage

Posted: Saturday, August 29th, 2015

We all know what FIDLAR stands for by now. It’s that attitude the West Coast punks take to the main stage of Reading 2015. This size of stage isn’t somewhere you’d expect to find them, sure, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And anyway, it’s not like they’re about to be phased by the occasion. Practically stumbling into their set, the singles still hit the mark with the converted front rows. ‘Cheep Beer’ is sung back, ‘Awkward’ sounds anything but. The new songs fair just as well too; ’40oz on Repeat’ is glorious, ‘Drone’ positively anthemic – even the tracks most won’t of heard yet, like the gloriously whiney ‘Why Generation’, are a huge step up.

Sure, FIDLAR may be the ultimate sweatbox party band, but give them scale and they’ll still bring the fun. Risk? Nah mate. The gamble paid off just like we all knew it would.