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FIDLAR cause chaos at Download Festival 2015

Posted: Sunday, June 14th, 2015

“Download Festival, you look tiiiiired man,” tease FIDLAR halfway through their Donington debut. It is the last night of the festival and the crowd have been throwing themselves about to FIDLAR’s gnarled beach punk since they crashed onto the stage, but there’s no sign of anyone slowing down as the Californian four-piece bring Download to a riotous end.

As their anthems of cheap beer and reckless abandon are rattled out, the faithful create chaos while the band tumble about the stage, egging on the madness. Songs from their forthcoming album chug with the same boundless energy but head for new sunrises. The pogo of ’40oz On Repeat’ drags everyone forward while its haggard skip is punk rock at its most playful. FIDLAR are well versed in igniting a party. Theirs is just getting started.