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DragonForce + Babymetal = Baby Dragon Metal Force

Posted: Friday, June 12th, 2015

DragonForce, that technically proficient yet hyper fun band credited with the air-guitar revival, are happily tearing through their set when Babymetal decide to join the party.

Entertaining. You bet.

DragonForce’s skill merrily dances between madcap and genius. “This song is about blood, vampires and darkness,” they explain at one point before leaping into an electric ‘Symphony of the Night’. Carrying themselves with such joy though, it’s never anything but a pleasure to witness.

Joining with Babymetal may seem strange but that message of entertainment through music and fantastical storytelling is not only empowering, but shared. Running onto the stage to create Baby Dragon Metal Force, the super group lean into a playful rendition of ‘Gimme Chocolate’ that sends waves of excitement through the overflowing tent. They came, they conquered then Babymetal are off, smiling and waving at the biggest reaction of the weekend yet. It’s left to Dragonforce to follow that.

There’s only one song for it; the epic ‘Through The Fire And The Flames’ ensures that not a single person escapes without a grin.