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Defeater love Download Festival 2015

Posted: Friday, June 12th, 2015

Earlier this year Defeater signed to Epitaph Records, leaving their home on Bridge Nine after six years. Any doubts about changes for the worst are crushed within the first blistering minutes of today. Onwards and upwards.

Derek Archambault prowls the front of the stage, screaming tales from the band’s creative narrative. Laced with upright passion and resonating en masse, these are more than simple stories. Edging ever closer, the crowd are drawn in by the steely wall of noise that the vocals lean against. There’s delicate poetry scratched into the brickwork and an intense honesty in the lyrics. Caleb ‘Beartooth’ Shomo tears onto the stage for a stunning ‘Dear Father’, adding one final layer to the gut-wrenching allure.

“We’ve been coming to this beautiful country for the last 6 years. In all honesty, in all sincerity, we love playing England,” Derek admits as his voice cracks. With the crowd lingering as the band make their exit, the feeling’s mutual.