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Creeper justify the hype at Download Festival 2015

Posted: Saturday, June 13th, 2015

There’s been a lot of talk about Creeper this week, but before anyone gets the chance to mention ‘the h-word’, Creeper strut onto Download’s Jake’s Stage and prove why they’re more than worthy of attention.

With emblems adorned to jackets and screens, Creeper are a band with a vision. If that vision includes a tent full of exciting people giving their all, it’s coming true.

Opening with ‘We Had A Pact’ and ‘Gloom’, it’s wonderful business as usual. The Southampton crew know when to square up and when to stand down. Taking pause for moments to sink in before tumbling into the next act, Creeper are a dramatic presence. New song ‘The Honeymoon Suite’ and recently released ‘Lie Awake’ expose another level of brilliance from the band. The last drabs of self-doubt fall away and the real Creeper, all grand theatrics and soul grabbing resonance, emerge unshackled. As the band tear, twirl, and in Will’s case leap from stage to barrier to reinforce a connection, there’s a sense that Creeper’s tale of grand romance and grander unity is only in its opening throes.