There Ain't Nothing Wrong With A Little Pumpkin Grind | Upset

There Ain’t Nothing Wrong With A Little Pumpkin Grind

FIDLAR - 40oz On Repeat. Hallowe'en is all about dressing up and FIDLAR are now set for the next 15 years.It pays to be organised, especially if you and your m8s want to recreate the classics of Britney Spears. Scariest moment: Potential lawsuits.

Creeper - The Honeymoon Suite. Hallowe'en is when goffs have their Christmas. This is their Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. Probably. Scariest moment: Those kids loitering about. Bloody ruffians.

Muse - Reapers. Is there anything scarier than a government out to get you? Yes. It's seeing Matt Bellamy's lyrics written down for all and sundry. Scariest moment: Knowing that Drones are going to kill you. Dead. Really dead.

God Damn - Dead To Me. Shopping on a Saturday is scary business but God Damn rise to the occasion, the bloody #heroes. Hopefully they remembered to pick up the milk. None of that skimmed rubbish, either. Scariest Moment: Ash Weaver using a trolley to transport his dead mate about because he refuses to pay 5p for a bag.

Bring Me The Horizon - Drown. Where's the metal? Where's the rock? Is this change? I don't like it. Scariest Moment: Realising BMTH know how to write huge choruses and could become a very big band indeed.

Ho99o9 - Day Of Vengeance. Their name is horror. Of course they deal in shock and awe and this track is no different. We're not entirely sure is going on here but it's scary. right? Scariest Moment: 9s being used to replace Rs. It's the end of the world, people.

PVRIS - White Noise. This band is so talented, it's terrifying. One album in and they mean so much, to so many. That can only come from supernatural deals and witchcraft, yeah? Scariest Moment: The TV isn't working. THE TV ISN'T WORKING

Radkey - Glore. Playing with Play-Doh was always serious business. You wanted to bury your figures in colourful graves but you didn't want to get the red mixed up with the blue. Life's just a struggle sometimes. Scariest Moment: People spent days crafting every single moment you see above. You get impatient waiting for toast.

Wolf Alice - You're A Germ. It's every horror movie ever made. Well, it's quite a few of them anyway. If you run out of sweets tonight (candy to our American friends) just play the Trick or Treaters some Wolf Alice. Their music is better than sweets. Scariest Moment: They've almost run out of white wine.