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The Daylight Saving Time playlist

Panic! at the Disco - 'Time To Dance'
If you're Brendon Urie, it's always time to dance. From waltzing around the kitchen while he waits for a bagel to be toasted until the fully choreographed routine he puts in while cleaning his teeth before bed (dental hygiene is cool, kids), the Panic! at the Disco frontman just can't help but move his feet. Probably.

Enter Shikari - 'Ok, Time for Plan B'
Before Enter Shikari were chucking out noisy political-ragers, they were churning out noisy party-bangers like this gem from 2007. Being in a band was actually frontman Rou Reynolds' 'plan b' - he was originally going to collect sand for hourglasses. This 100% factual fact not only ties into the song title BUT also the theme of time (which is a happy coincidence and not at all a downright lie).

All Time Low - 'Weightless'
They've got time in their name so All Time Low were an easy choice for this 'collection for the ages'. They're haven't written any songs about clocks, calendars or their favourite evergreen herb but 'Weightless' is quite close to wait-less, so, y'know. (Bet you're impressed we waited this long before dropping a joke about thyme.)

Every Time I Die - 'I've Been Gone A Long Time'
This is it guys! The band are called Every TIME I Die and the song's called 'I've Been Gone A Long TIME'. What more could you possibly want from us? We've peaked. It's all downhill from here.

August Burns Red - '...Baby One More Time'
Yup, a Metalcore version of the Britney Spears classic. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Reuben - 'Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies'
Now, one from 'The Vaults' as we desperately try and keep you 'engaged' with our 'content'. There's the obvious use of time in the title but the song is also ten years old, so it works on two levels. Sorta. (The band don't really have any photos and the sandwich is called a Reuben. Is it lunchtime yet?)

The Rocky Horror Show - 'The Time Warp'
Not only is The Rocky Horror Show really punk but 'The Time Warp' is a total banger and we're running out of ideas. If you can resist joining in with the dance routine, you can actually hear us scraping the barrel.

Green Day - 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
A timeless classic from Green Day. We could write about how this song -anthem of funerals, festivals and weddings alike - soundtracks some of the most important moments in your life ,but we've probably wasted enough of your time,for this year at least. Until next time, pal. (This seemed like such a good idea when we started - Ed)