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The 10 best Funeral For A Friend songs, ever

10. Waterfront Dance Club:
The first single to be taken from 2008's 'Memory and Humanity' and the first released by the band's own label, Join Us, 'Waterfront Dance Club' sees Funeral For A Friend at their most free.

9. All Hands On Deck Part 1 & 2:
Technically this is two songs (sorry if you feel let down - Ed), but the real majesty of 'All Hands On Deck' is amplified when you get both parts back to back. Lifted from 2007's 'Tales Don't Tell Themselves', have Funeral For A Friend ever sounded so bloody epic?

8. 10:45 Amsterdam Conversations:
The opening track to the first ever Funeral For A Friend release, it all started here. Even back in 2002 the band's tenacity, fury and ear for a wonderful melody were brutally obvious. Thirteen years on, and '10:45 Amsterdam Conversations' still sounds daring.

7. Pencil Pusher:
From their first to (one of) their last. In 2014 Funeral For A Friend released 'Chapter & Verse', a powerful statement from a band with plenty left to say. 'Pencil Pusher' was just one of many, many highlights. From the crushing start to the snarled choruses, Funeral For A Friend went out swinging.

6. Roses for the Dead:
With an opening riff that cuts through you, 'Roses for the Dead' is an absorbing slab of poetry. Taken from the band's 2005 'Hours', this track sees Funeral for a Friend really exploring the emotional resonance of their music, to devastating effect.

5. Into Oblivion (Reunion):
The opening track to 'Tales Don't Tell Themselves' is a lush welcome to a record that deals with deep rooted fear. Atmospheric and gorgeous, 'Into Oblivion' is a swooping turn of hope from band who only whispered such dreams before.

4. History:
Hankies at the ready, this one is going to hurt. As close as you're going to get from a ballad from Funeral for a Friend, 'History' is a gut wrenching dance of nostalgia and loss. Universal yet intimate, it's the perfect example of why the band have impacted so many lives.

3. Streetcar:
"Hello?" Funeral For A Friend had given themselves a mountain to climb trying to followup their 2003 debut 'Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation' but from that first phone call of 'Streetcar', it was a challenge the band embraced. There's a swagger to the track that gave Funeral For A Friend the freedom to do whatever they wanted. It's one they're still wearing to this day.

2. She Drove Me To Daytime Television:
The second track to be lifted from 'Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation', 'She Drove Me To Daytime Television' is the band at their gnarled best. Through their clenched fists and gritted teeth, shines that grinning melodic promise. Eight albums in, the band never broke it.

1. Juneau:
Of course it bloody is. The generation defining anthem 'Juneau' has become bigger than the scene that spawned it. From the moment that gentle build starts, you can't help but find yourself somewhere else. The few bands that release a song this good, simply coast. Funeral For A Friend set their own pace all those years ago and have strived to push themselves in every other direction since, but it all comes back to 'Juneau'. It's timeless.