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Nothing But Thieves on the tracks that influenced them

Nothing But Thieves - Wake Up Call
With their debut album out now, we asked Nothing But Thieves to come up with a playlist of songs that have helped craft the band you hear above. If you've heard the album, you know how eclectic this list is going to get. If you haven't, brace yourself.

Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll
"The opening drum groove and thrashing guitar tone grabs you instantly. Swagger."

Arcade Fire - Reflecktor
"This track is from one of our favourite albums. Such an interesting/experimental use of sonics. Love the way they mix up standard song structure and do their own thing."

Radiohead - Planet Telex
"One of the seminal pieces of work for our band. The entire ‘The Bends' album is a vital point of attraction for our album. "

Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over
"The first Jeff Buckley song Joe (Langridge-Brown, guitarist) showed Conor (Mason, vocals) that made him instantly fall in love with the singer. He has been a constant influence throughout the writing/recording.

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
"The atmospherics of this song - the space, the lyrics - all stand to attention with us and this band will always be an influence."

Pixies - Hey
"The laid back cool groove the Pixies have - the playful lyrics, the unique vocal stylings have all resonated within our own song writing."

Kings of Leon - Charmer
"His voice in this track is insane. Such an inspiration for guitar tones and the simplicity of arrangement... Raw and rough round the edges."

TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me
"Tracks like this are rare in that they get better with every listen. The doubled vocals are haunting to listen to and when the song keeps building and building to the end, it emotionally draws you in. Something we're drawn to doing ourselves."

Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools
"An odd choice for this playlist but I started our song Tripswitch whilst listening to a lot of Kendrick and Drake, the off-beat bass lines and rhythmical melodies within hip hop/rap really grab our attention."

My Bloody Valentine - Blown A Wish
"This band’s effortless style, cool guitar parts and smooth vocals have always influenced our songwriting."