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A Brief History of… Brand New

Jesse Lacey, Garret Tierney and Brian Lane started life as part of The Rookie Lot before splitting off to form Brand New. Vincent Accardi joined them on the strength of ‘The Shower Scene’ and the four-piece are still going strong 16 years later.

Releasing their debut album, Your Favourite Weapon’ in 2001 via Triple Crown Records, Brand New instantly made their mark with their spiky, youthful anthems tracking the highs and lows of relationships. During the recording of Your Favourite Weapon a seventeen year-old Vin had to get picked up after school every day.

Touring for 'Your Favourite Weapon' was extensive and saw Brand New sharing stages with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Less Than Jake and Glassjaw. They finished the tour with a 5,000 capacity hometown show.

After the release of 'Your Favourite Weapon', Brand New released a split with Safety In Numbers which included a cover of Love Spits Love’s ‘Am I Wrong’ and the original ‘Moshi-Moshi’

Much of Brand New's second full-length, 'Deja Entendu', was written during the fourteen-month international tour that the band had undertaken for 'Your Favourite Weapon'. It marked a stylistic advance for the band who’d moved away from bitter tales of ex-girlfriends and instead started focusing on their personal struggles around life, work and death. Sonically it explored dynamics and was a mature departure from their pop-punk heavy debut

The title 'Deja Entendu', French for already heard, was a criticism of the music industry at large; an idea reflected in the track ‘Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have to Do Is Die’. The album spawned two singles, the first of which was ‘The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows’, which deals with regret and was supported by a video that sees Jesse Lacey watch over his girlfriend after a car crash.

The second was ‘Sic Gloria Transit…Glory Fades’, which focuses on the idea of power, and is supported by a human puppet video. Both singles saw heavy TV rotation and charted in the UK Top 40. Brand New spent a summer on Warped Tour before headline gigs across America, UK, Australia and Japan. After signing a record deal Dreamworks, which in turn was bought out by Interscope, the band retired from the spotlight to work on their major label debut.

Not much was heard from the band for over a year. They entered the studio in late 2005 with Dennis Herring before dropping him in favour of Mike Sapone, who they’d worked with on their previous two releases. In January 2006, nine demos from the rumoured ‘Fight Off Your Demons’ album appeared online, causing the band to scrap most of it with only a few parts surviving to make the record.

The album 'The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me' was finished in June 2006 and was released in November of that year. The first single, 'Sowing Season', was released a month earlier. In an interview with Zane Lowe it was revealed the title had come from a conversation Jesse had had with his friend about musician Daniel Johnson, who had Bipolar disorder.

In December a video for “-“ appeared online showing a graffiti artist write “evil and good are raging inside me,” before changing it to the album title. If you know where to look, the graffiti is still visible today.

‘Jesus’ was the first single to be released from the album and was backed by appearances on US television. During this time the band ignored a majority of US press outlets, instead focusing the few interviews they did with European magazines.

Brand New undertook larger European and US tours in the autumn of 2007 before heading to Australia for the Big Day Out Festival. In October the band released a new song via their Myspace. ‘Fork and Knife’ is a rerecorded version of the 'Fight Off Your Demons' demo, 'Untitled 7'.

After returning from Australia, Brand New entered the studio in March of 2008 and spent the majority of the year working on their fourth album. It was reportedly set to be called ‘And One Head Can Never Die’, but was changed to ‘Daisy’ and released in September of 2009.

The first single to be taken from the album was ‘At The Bottom’, which was released in August and came during a summer of high profile festival appearances, including Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds. Though the BBC filmed both, the band refused permission to broadcast them.

'Daisy' debuted at number 6 in the Billboard top 200, becoming the band's first top 20 release. It was supported by sporadic touring, including a headline show at London’s Wembley Arena and rumours that this would be the last Brand New album, which were denied by the band.

The sporadic touring and radio silence continued for a number of years with the band headlining Groezrock, Hit The Deck and performing album shows. In 2013 the band had been announced to play the Reading and Leeds festival alongside a European tour but cancelled due to “insurmountable personal issues.” Then in April 2015, six years after Daisy, the band released a new track ‘Mene’ with little warning, and announced a summer of shows in both America and Europe. Another new song ‘Sealed To Me’ has also been aired live.