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Young Guns release the title track to their new album

The build-up to Young Guns‘ new album ‘Echoes‘ has been defined by banger on top of banger. First came ‘Mad World‘. Then ‘Bulletproof‘. Now making it three times a charm the band have unveiled the title track to their new album and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s a banger. Check it out below, via Loudwire.

‘Echoes’ is out September 16th and, according to bassist Simon Mitchell, is inspired by “things that have happened in our lives over the past three years. The last record we released was ‘Ones and Zeroes’ and it’s amazing what can happen in that short space of time that can influence an album straight away. So, there’s more honesty in the lyrics and that comes from certain experiences we’ve had in the past few months but done in a way that’s relatable. People can find their own way of relating to the lyrics.”

“It’s a slightly different direction in terms of lyrical content. The last record was more universal whereas this one, it’s a little more honest. That comes across, that’s definitely a theme for the record.”

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