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Yearbook dish out a perfect ’15’ with their latest live cut

It’s our third and final trip to Yearbook‘s Warehouse of Really Great Songs today. Before we steal a bunch of stationary, write “hurry up with that album plz” on post-it notes and leave them for the band to find, Yearbook have one more track to share.

Following on from ‘The Unreasonable Man‘ and ‘Only Love‘, the band get theatrical, jagged and ready for war with ‘15‘. And who can blame them. Check it out below.

“Normally I loathe to discuss what songs are about,” starts Andy (sorry). “But given the recent descent into madness that Britain has undertaken, I feel that it’s important to give a half decent insight into this song. Lyrically ’15’ is a pessimistic outlook on where we find ourselves now as a race. Nothing works, No one wants to work together anymore and no one knows how to fix all of the things that are broken. I am terrified, and you should be too. However, the solution isn’t apathy and disengagement, its knowledge.”

All three tracks taken from The Warehouse are probably from an album that might exist and could be out later this year. Potentially.

The band are definitely going on tour though and they’ve added some more dates. Diaries at the ready, folks.

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