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Watch Evarose cover t.A.T.u’s ‘All The Things She Said’

Rock music and tattoos got hand in hand like Coco Pops and milk. Evarose, being a Very Good Rock Band, know this and have got a tattoo that everyone can enjoy. Although they spell it t.A.T.u.

Yup. Thanks to Dannika pestering the rest of the band, Evarose have covered the t.A.T.u classic ‘All The Things She Said‘ and it’s incredible. The band have been known to strip down and a cover a pop banger or two in their time but they’ve always shied away from getting all electric. Well, until now. Check it out below (alongside a bunch of in-the-studio shenanigans) exclusively on Upset.

“We never do full band covers but I kept bugging the girls a little while ago, asking if we could do it because I thought it would be fun,” starts Dannika. “I also like that it’s a bit of a love/hate song, a guilty pleasure, if you will. I walked into rehearsal one day weeks later and found out they’d secretly learned it. We ended up recording it when we were in the studio earlier this year demoing some songs and that’s where the video was filmed.”

Evarose recently released their debut album ‘Invisible Monsters‘ and will be celebrating this weekend with a pair of launch shows in London and Oxford. Will they play the cover? Will they just play all the brilliant songs from their new album? You’ll have to go and find out.

8 London, The Garage
9 Oxford, The Bullingdon

For more on Evarose and their ‘Invisible Monsters’, check out our About To Break interview with ’em.

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