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Vanna share ‘Leather Feather’ from new album

Vanna’s new album ‘All Hell’ will be released on 8th July through Pure Noise Records, and before its release they’re sharing new track ‘Leather Feather’ – check it out below.

“Ever had anyone mistake your kindness for weakness? Like that fact that you’re happy somehow makes you soft,” frontman Davey Muise says of the track.

“See, when you find something or someone that changes you, that makes you better, you hold onto it at all cost. You’d die for it, kill for it.

“‘Leather Feather’ is exactly that. It’s a warning to all the people that try to come in between you and happiness because they think you’re weak.

“But you’re not; you’re stronger then ever because of that something you have.”

The band have previously shared ‘Mutter’ from the release, which you can hear here. It’s an “angry shut up and smash track”, say the band.

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