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Two Houses premiere new track ‘Never Come Down’

Chicago band Two Houses have premiered their fun new track ‘Never Come Down’, an anthem-in-waiting from their upcoming debut album, and a soon-to-be single that you can pre-order here – check it out below, first on Upset.

Prime for a drunken sing-along, it doesn’t have the cheeriest of subject matters, as singer/guitarist Mike Boren explains:

“I have a tendency to tinker with songs for a long time; my first thought is not my best thought. This song started because I wanted to steal the guitar intro of Sass Dragon’s song ‘Cup Overfloweth’ after I saw them absolutely crush it at now defunct Chicago DIY venue ’86 Mets during the winter of 2014. I worked on it at home until it was (I thought) half-way structured musically and had a few lines of lyrics as a starting point.

“When it got to the band it was almost completely overhauled, for example, the intro I was excited to steal from Sass Dragons didn’t end up working with the full band, and we cut it. That’s pretty typical for us, I might think I have an idea of where a song is going, but when we all work on it, it takes on a new life.You all kind of push on it like an Ouija and the song will take itself where it wants to go.

“Lyrics were fitted to the song last. I wrote the lyrics in a haze of regret for not going to a friend’s funeral on the East Coast. I had my excuses at the time, but I still regret not going. I went on a bender instead. I felt like shit. There were little sheets of paper all over my apartment with random scribbles of thoughts and diatribes of observations and feelings. Most of that was edited into a different song on the album, but there were a few lines which I kept punctuating with ‘I hope I never come down’ as if as a fucked-up mantra.

“I snapped out of the bender. I had a job on the other side of town which I took the bus to in the morning but would walk home from, just to clear my head. I finally got the lyrics together one of those days walking home in late spring.

“That’s pretty much my writing process: rip someone off, tinker with riffs, have my band mates fix the song, deal with life crisis questionably, scribble in notebooks, and walk around a lot.”

Catch the band on tour in the US at the following:

01 Milwaukee WI – Bremen cafe
02 Minneapolis MN – Turf Club
06 Chicago IL – Crown Liquors
07 Akron OH – Fool Mansion
08 Pittsburgh PA – Rock Room
09 Long Island NY – Mr. Beery’s
10 Brooklyn NY – Gold Sounds
11 Philadelphia PA – Kung Fu Necktie Upstairs
12 Boston MA – Charlie’s Kitchen
13 New Haven CT – Fish House
14 TBD – TBD
15 Trenton NJ – Mill Hill
16 North NJ – TBD
17 Cincinnati, OH – Junker’s Tavern
18 Dayton, OH – Cloverdale

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