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Twin Atlantic share 94 seconds of new music

If you go down to the woods today, or head over to Twin Atlantic’s website, you’re sure of a big surprise. Following some seemingly-random words being shared via The Internet, the band have unveiled 94 seconds of new music entitled ‘GOLD ELEPHANT::CHERRY ALLIGATOR (PART I)‘. It sounds like a fancy cocktail but it hits like a bar fight. Check it out below.

Could this be the first taster of that new Twin Atlantic album? Well, probably TBF. Speaking about it a few months ago Sam McTrusty explained “It’s probably our quickest turnaround on a new album. It’s probably our heaviest record so far. It’s our most reactive album, we usually spend a lot more time thinking things through and being a bit methodical about things and it’s probably gotten away from us in the past. Anyone in a band who’s tried to play guitar knows that sometimes your brain can get in the way and this is the sound of our band, it’s just instinct. It’s a lot more visceral and a lot more In your face. It definitely makes us feel like we’ve reinvented something in rock music, in this format.

“Hopefully everyone’s going to be as blown away by it as we were. It’ll be out this year, we’re hoping it’ll be out this summer because it’s got that feel to it but we’re just playing it by ear. We’ve come to expect the unexpected when it comes to making a record.”

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