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Thee MVPs premiere venomous new track, ‘Slimelord’

Thee MVPs have dropped their new riff-heavy single ‘Slimelord’. Due out on 23rd September, it’s the very first release on new 7″-only label No Iguana Records, run by tattoo artist Rebecca Vincent and her husband, ex-Pulled Apart By Horses drummer Lee Vincent.

It’s a venomous track, taking influence from the likes of Black Sabbath, and spitting out the band’s ire at those jerks who try to grope people at gigs. Check it out below, first on Upset.

“This was actually the last song written with founding member Dan,” explains frontman Charlie Wyatt. “The name and main riff we came up with back in 2013 after seeing Fuzz live, we were pretty much just going for the most ‘heavy metal’ name for a song we could think of that wasn’t taken yet.

“We wrote maybe half of it while we were still on PNKSLM and was gonna make it a silly over the top description of our friend Luke Reilly the label owner’s love of gin and how it made him stagger about. It stayed shelved for ages until earlier this year.

“When we played a show at the Old Blue Last in October one of our friends got groped at the show whilst we were playing, we wish she told us because it really trashed her night and we’d have happily got the gross dude kicked out of there. So now a slime lord to us is a richer-than-we’ll-ever-be city boy with no taste, manners or class that comes to punk rock shows to hassle people.

“The last thing we want to be doing is to exclude people from shows (we genuinely love the different types of people catch us!) but there’s been an influx of these boardwalk empire haircut, no socks but dress shoes bozos attending shows and unfortunately a lot of the time these sorts of characters’ agendas is to hassle another gender.”

“I’m glad it stayed shelved,” he adds, “and we were able to match gross sludgy riffs with lyrics about gross dudes, gives it far more poignancy than singing about bloody gin!”

The band have loads of live shows coming up, including a single release show at Dalston Victoria in London. Catch them at:

15 Birmingham – Sunflower Lounge
16 Leeds – CHUNK
17 Glasgow – Freakender
22 London – Dalston Victoria (Release Show)

06 Barcelona – Sidecar (w/ The Parrots)
21 Bournemouth – Winchester
22 Brighton – Sticky Mike’s
29 London – The Montague

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