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The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die want ‘Even More Forever’

The second half of The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die‘s ‘Long Live Happy Birthday‘ has been unveiled. Following on from ‘Katamari Duquette‘, check out ‘Even More Forever‘, the band’s “homage to the Bedhead song ‘More Than Ever'”, below.

The 7″ release is out March 25th via Topshelf Records and is the followup to last year’s ‘Harmlessness‘.

Speaking about ‘Long Live Happy Birthday’, the band’s Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak explains that the tracks, “were actually written and recorded a while before ‘Harmlessness’. They were intended for the 4 song EP ‘Death To New Years Long Live Happy Birthday‘ that we split into 2 7″ records.”

“The lyrics for ‘Even More Forever’ are some of the first words I wrote for this band and directly deal with ditching my static life of being “just ok” to living on a different carpeted floor every night and fighting with 12 other people for an outlet to charge my phone,” adds David Bello. “We wrote ‘Katamari Duquette’ about Kevin getting lost in Richmond and accumulating a bunch of random crap on his journey. Then I kinda took that idea too far and ramble about what I think of cities in general as a place to get lost and lose.

“I think people should take from this release that we’re capable of darkness and fear.”

‘Long Live Happy Birthday’ isn’t TWIABP clearing out the last of their ideas scrapbook though. “We have a large amount of unreleased material,” Derrick says. “Some of it recorded and not quite finished. We are constantly writing and demoing new material so I wouldn’t think of anything belonging to a specific period. Just a weird blob rolling down a grass hill slowly and grossing everyone out. No idea where it begins and ends, but very apparent where it leaves slime and kills flowers.

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