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Listen to the split EP from Head North and Microwave

What’s better than one great band? Yup, two great bands.
Head North have teamed up with Microwave for an amazing, 6 track split 12″ before both bands head off on tour. The record is out October 9th via SideOneDummy and Bad Timing Records.

Impatient? You can hear the record in its entirety below and preorder it here

To guide you through the release we asked Head North‘s Brent Martone and Microwave‘s Nathan Hardy to explain the meaning behind the tracks.

The Bells. This track is one of those songs that just kinda clicked the first time through for us. I wrote the lyrics for the song about being born quickly after a marriage, like being born to the echo of church bells, when parents are people and love is real and there’s promises of a brighter future. I don’t know. It’s been a lyrical theme that’s been coming up a lot lately in our songs but this song felt more like a final piece to a puzzle.

Redwood. This song is about building up this idea of myself and how I fit in, and as soon as it starts to become real I start to realize how fragile it is. Like there’s always a voice saying “I am the hand, you took the shape.”

Willow Tree. I tried to paint a picture of the end of a persons life with the verses. The bridge is revolving around a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson “Within man is the soul of the whole; The Wise Silence; The Universal Beauty.” The first line of the song I wrote, and my driving theme behind it was “The wisest silent willow tree; Hang your head, one more soul set to sleep.” I don’t know, i guess it’s about accepting death. There’s lots of overarching themes between the three songs, but I really like the idea of personal interpretations of the songs. I hope someone hears them and finds their own story in it.

Thinking Of You. The first 21 years of my life was heavily consumed by a strict religious lifestyle. I was conditioned by a church’s teachings to micro-analyze myself and my actions through a window of unhealthy and unrealistic beliefs and ideals. It made me develop a bad obsessive anxiety issue which persisted for years and nothing seemed to help. I finally overcame it when I was able to lose my fears of going to hell and disappointing my family and close life-long friends and begin viewing my life through a window of rational thinking. I had friends, human and plant alike, that helped me make that realization.

But Not Often. Losing the ideals associated with my faith in God made me look at every other ideal that I had been exposed to throughout my life and wonder whether it was all completely bullshit. I became engrossed with things like astrology, pre-determinism, and the existence of souls/spirits. I also questioned (and continue to question) whether the idea of love and lifelong monogamous relationships is another piece of socially-constructed bullshit. I had a string of relationships and experiences that accompanied these little life explorations and changed some of my views on things.

Something Right. I started writing this song to tell the story of an acquaintance I had from my church days who had met/courted his wife in the most ridiculous way. The day I started working on it, a longtime girlfriend whom I had recently broken up with (but still wanted to be with) told me that she was pregnant and I lost my mind. My family had no clue that I had stopped participating in the church which has strict rules about chastity and telling them was now going to be a double whammy of shame and humiliation. This reawakened my anxiety issues so everything about the experience was heavily exaggerated in my head. I kept working on the song to sort of soothe myself and the direction shifted to imagining a realistic outcome for my situation that wouldn’t be so bad. It turned out that she wasn’t pregnant so the issue was entirely diverted. I was already attached to the lyrics at the beginning of the song and, since the rest of the song was sort of hypothetical, I decided to just leave it and distance myself from the experience.

Both bands kick off US tours on October 14th with Microwave heading out with Have Mercy, Transit and Somos. Head North are touring with Knuckle Puck, Seaway and Sorority Noise.



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